Getting Error message while starting services.


i have installed Universal Theme Patcher and Ux Style Core in my laptop. after that i rebooted machine and start service 'Unsigned Theme' but i am getting following ma=essage everytime: "The system cannot find the file specified".

could you please suggest me how can i easly install themes in Genuine Window 7 Home Basic. what would be the steps from starting to end of this process. Please suggest me some easy steps and necessary softwares to install and processing one by one.

one more thing i want to know is that can i re-install my original Window & theme in future.

asked Jun 2, 2013 in Installation by anonymous

1 Answer


You might have installed an incorrect version - did you check that you install the correct 32-bit or 64-bit version? If so, try to uninstall / restore the original files

To do that open an elevated command prompt as explained here:

Next you enter this command and hit enter

sfc.exe /scannow

Even if you have the correct version, run the command above, it will fix your problem

answered Jun 3, 2013 by oliversk (14,600 points)