How do I open and keep open multiple windows so I can use as I need to?

I am doing a training session  for business and I need multiple windows open and available to me so I can refer to each as I proceed with my work.  Currently I open one or two, but invariable I lose one or both when I open a couple more.  They just simply disappear and I have to open them again which means others disappear.


asked Jul 20, 2013 in Windows 7 by anonymous

1 Answer

1) Download Windows 7 ISO from Microsoft (you will need 2 product keys)

2) Download virtualbox from

3) Follow one of our guides on setting it up

4) Use the ISO in the settings of your virtual machine to boot from then you can install it

5) Use fullscreen options, get used to virtualbox shortcuts

6) Done
answered Jul 20, 2013 by oliversk (14,600 points)