cannot ping in windows 7

I have three wireless communication adapter two cisco & 1 proxim. I used
to connect to the cisco router using two old laptop D610 & D600 but now as
the new laptops are not equipped with PCI slot it is a problem to connect
using the intel proset 6205.

I have disable the firewall ,configure the inbound and exceptions for
etech.exe.But still there is a problem when I ping there is no ping reply
despite it shows connected and and status excellent.I want connect my
intel proset 6205 to a cisco wireless comm adapter 2399955

Please let me know why I cannot make the It work.I have disable the
firewall ,check echo,create new inbound rule.

I have windows 7 & XP as operating system.

asked Jul 20, 2013 in Hardware by anonymous

1 Answer

Things you can try

1) Uninstall firewall / stop the service via resource manager - some keep blocking despite being suspended

2) Make sure the port is allowed in the firewall config

3) Make sure all built-in Windows firewalls are disabled

4) Try connecting via another program to see if it can actually connect to the machine

5) Verify that you can share files - create a Windows share and see if it pops up

6) Verify all protocols are properly installed
answered Jul 20, 2013 by oliversk (14,600 points)