Windows 8 crashed and is now taking :30 to boot and has yet to complete

I let the thing sleep when I am not using it and it sleeps everyday. Today it uncharacteristically locked up.  The screen went creamy and I waited and waited (over an hour) but it would not resolve.  I finally held the start button down until the machine shut down and then rebooted.  Since then the thing will get to the opening window with the blue logo and the bearings at the bottom rolling around but even though it is taking at least :30min -- after :30min it goes to a blank screen and nothing happens, I waited an additional :30min and it would not move beyond that point.  Just a dark screen on my montor.  CThanks in advance for an help.
asked Jul 24, 2013 in Software by anonymous
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It is most likely a driver problem. Have you recently installed a new CPU or any other hardware? 

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answered Jul 24, 2013 by oliversk (14,600 points)