Why can't I play Skyrim on 3 screens?

skyrim - can't play on 3 screens?

I have one screen wich is 1050X1680, and 2 screens 1920X1080 - 

I've seen your explanaions and did what you said, still - nothing. 

can you tell me what to write in the document so it would work?


thanks, michelle

asked Oct 22, 2013 in Games by anonymous

1 Answer


That's strange, I have 3 monitors and tested Skyrim 

I believe your problem is this: 

a) You can't have one screen with a different resolution - it will break 

Are you using Eyefinity or the NVidia 3D Vision? You need a card that supports 3 monitors and make sure all 3 use the same screen resolution. 

Try setting all to the same

answered Oct 22, 2013 by oliversk (14,600 points)