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I hope you can help - no one else has been able to give me any good information on this. I read a previous article you wrote about a similar situation, specifically this one:, and I thought that you might be able to help. So if you start up my computer (without the Windows 7 Recovery Disc that was made) it will load a black screen that has the American Megatrends logo at the top and it says this BIOS is only for eMachines, and continues to give general information. At the bottom it says "Press F1 to continue." After that it loads another black screen and says "A disk read error. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to continue," then the process starts over. If you have the recovery disk in the disk drive it starts up like it should and then says "Windows is loading files..." and after a few minutes it loads and asks the keyboard input method, and next it gives the options of restoring my computer from a system image that was created earlier (which, of course, was never done) or I can select an operating system. The list below that option is blank and if you click Load Drivers it says "Insert the installation media for the device and click OK to select the driver." if you click OK it opens a window that's looking in the folder "System 32." If you click Computer in the left panel it lists my hard drive as "Boot (X:)" I really have no idea what to do and I haven't been able to find any help with this issue. Any help, or attempted help,would be greatly appreciated and I do appologize for writing a novel! Thanks in advance!

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Before you throw in the towel try to use the "cd" command to change the drive ( to see if you can go from X to C or D. It is perfectly fine that it boots into X, that is normal. The recovery disc would have helped, but as you pointed out without a restore point it won't work.

What I would suggest is to get a replacement hard drive (if too expensive ask a geeky friend) and then install Windows on it and then attach both drives when you're done - if you're lucky you may be able to recover files or even access the drive if it's not corrupt 


Should you get access via command prompt while you are actually on the drive (not X):

The commands that are useful to fix problems like this are:


This will create a new Master Boot Record, but will not overwrite your exisiting partition table.


This will add a new boot sector. If you boot sector is damaged you might not be able to start your system.


Scans your disk for Windows-7 compatible installations, needed to repair your Windows 7 installation.



Update: For everyone who is wondering how to creative a repair/recovery disk:

1. Open the search on a computer that works (ask friend/family if you dont own a second)

2. On Windows 7, Enter create a system repair disc - on Windows 8 you can try to create a Recovery disk: Enter "recovery disk" which will allow you to restore your PC if you have set a restore point



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