Please Help Me Run My Skyrim Faster

I have been looking all over the internet looking for a way to run my Skyrim on Steam faster. When I go to the game my mouse is very uncontrollable and when I try to click on something it goes in that direction and then like freezes and then the mouse ends up somewhere else. When I actually manage to press "new" it loads for a super long time. I've played Skyrim on a PS3 and in comparison my computer really sucks.

Alot of people have suggested me downloading some boosts from Nexus, but Nexus requires payment. And don't even say a download from a website that doesn't require payment because I am not looking for viruses.

After waiting a decade because of the terrible loading, when I am in the carriage, its very unfortanunate. When I try to look around it gets so laggy and buggy. I also brang up the subtitiles and when the characters talk the voice goes through (barely) but their mouths aren't moving. This problem doesn't tolerate talking for the other characters. I have no idea why it does this because most of the time my computer runs smoothly when not on any games.

And for some odd reason, when I bring up the Quest Journal the lagg stops very greatly, but not the mouse. My computer is a Windows 7 Ultimate and I use Nvidia430 for the graphics card and my resolution is 1366 x 768. If you have any solutions please respond @
asked Apr 17, 2015 in Windows 7 by anonymous
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Hi, if you are experiencing problems playing Skyrim via Steam the first thing you should try is to not use Steam. Install it separately. Steam UI overlay sometimes interferes with Skyrim and this is especially true if you use random mods.

Speaking of mods, remove all mods temporarily. Last but not least, read carefully through all comments here

Make sure to monitor your RAM usage while you play. If you have only little RAM (4GB or so) consider an upgrade!

The resolution 1366x768 is not a good choice depending on your monitor setup, try a few other to see if it improves performance.


Hope it helps. Oliver

answered Apr 17, 2015 by oliversk (14,600 points)