can't download in ie11 AND google chrome



Using Win 7 Home Premium on an HP P6000 (64 bit).

Currently have disabled ALL firewalls and  ALL antivirus.

Know system had Citrix but I have disabled bring it up (via Msconfig)

I am ABLE to access ANY web site using ie11 but get a proxy error (don't want to use proxy server) when downloading AVG (or just I/O failure for Malwarebytes).

Also have Google Chrome installed (NON internet version) and am able to activate program display the Google initial page)  but when I request ANY web site it gives me "no Network access" error.

Plese note that problems described above are not on computer where I contacted you.

Any hints to fix these problems are greatly appreciated, thanks...jnh999
asked Apr 17, 2015 in Downloads by jnh999

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