How do I fix my Downloading?

I was looking for a new change in my themes and found your website. I use the themes you had recommand me on the search and use your Method to change up my theme and, excitedly, it worked. Right now, I'm using that Luna theme with the niffty taskbar and such and love it so. But when I try to download something, none of those familiar mini windows pop up like before, when it's ready for me to download. I think when I used Method 1, it corrupted something in my PC that won't let me download correctly.

Do you have any ideas what's doing this and how could I fix it but still keep on using the awesome themes?

asked Sep 29, 2012 in Downloads by anonymous

1 Answer

You need to post more details, else we can't help you. Try another theme and see if the problem persists .. if so, you found your problem

what are "mini windows"?
answered Oct 5, 2012 by Oliver Steinmetz (1,770 points)