Failed Boot Manager, Many different attempts. Now Enter loops Win boot Mngr screen,ESC ditto

System very slow used Acer repair disks but ended with" Setup is starting services" which looped forever. Repair disk loaded but not effective. Many different tries to fix have left me with one screen 'WIndows boot manager' file:with file: \BOOT\BCD    status: 0XC000000f   info: an error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.       ENTER=Continue    ESC=Exit

Have tried every key on kbd one at a time ,both full press and tremble press with no effect .Always back to same screen.Desperately do not want to nuke disk but no option unless you can work miracle.
asked Apr 28, 2015 in Software by TJ

1 Answer


1 For emergencies like this always create a Windows repair disc:

2 Now go find a computer that works! Friend/Family/2nd PC 

On Windows 7, search for "create a system repair disc" - on Windows 8 enter "recovery disk" into the search  

Create this disk, boot from it and restore your computer


This should help you to sort this out. If not, try to connect the drive to another computer and make a backup of files that are still readable

answered Apr 28, 2015 by oliversk (14,600 points)