Can secure boot in Windows 8,a threat to the Linux??Make me clear please.

asked Mar 26, 2012 in Security by bwben (2,230 points)

2 Answers

It is thought that secure boot of Windows 8 may be threat to the Linux.But a security researcher Peter Kleissner has claimed that secure boot of Windows 8 has aleady been cracked.We developed a bootkit that will bypass the security easily.He'll release it in  International Malware Conference MalCon in India.So nothing is absolute here.
answered Mar 26, 2012 by trianguluminum (2,790 points)
Generally, there should not appear any problems regarding to boot in Windows 8. There is no relation or influence of Windows 8 on Linux. Machines with UEFI will definitely provide shorter boot times.
answered Mar 27, 2012 by irishgob (1,880 points)