Is there any way to customize the result of the hardware buttons?

asked Mar 26, 2012 in Hardware by bwben (2,230 points)

3 Answers

Its not clear that you told.If you mean that,you wanna customize the things after pressing the hardware buttons,Then go to power control panel.From the left title select what to to do after pressing the buttons.Thanks.For further query drop your questions.
answered Mar 26, 2012 by trianguluminum (2,790 points)
Yes, the customization of certain hardware buttons provided can be done by going to the control panel and selecting the functions performed by the buttons from there from the tab providing options to select what to do on pressing of the buttons.
answered Mar 27, 2012 by irishgob (1,880 points)
Customizing of hardware buttons depends with the system unit you are using and the application, which you are configuring. Right click on the program you need to customize, then click on properties to optimize you configuration for the changes you have made.
answered Mar 30, 2012 by aquanit (460 points)