Is 3DMark available for Windows 8?Or any update for the graphics card for Windows 8?

asked Mar 26, 2012 in Graphics by mrmorph (2,460 points)

2 Answers

Its still not available.But Futuremark the notable benchmark company for PC has promised to release 3DMark for Windows 8.Thank you.Happy waiting for that.
answered Mar 26, 2012 by bwben (2,230 points)
On the 14th of November, 2011, the annoouncment for 3d Mark for the latest Windows 8 was made. So, that's right, you will get in it. It will make possible to the gmae lovers to meansure the performace of the game they are playing. It will be there on all the devices using windows 8 like notebokks, tablets and desktops. Abracadabra!
answered Mar 27, 2012 by irishgob (1,880 points)