Can you minimize the calendar downloads so that are not covering your desktop screen

Same a question above - want a calendar that I can enter my appointments on but do not want it as a wallpaper - want to be able to minimize it to the toolbar and have it pop up or notify in someway prior to and appointment
asked Mar 29, 2012 in Downloads by anonymous

1 Answer


I suppose you are using the new calendar app for your appointments, right? 

While the calendar app is great, it's only a preview app and it's possible they will add a tray notification in Windows 8 RC 

If you want to minimize your appointments and "forget about them" and get a message when they are due your best bet is probably

Swift To Do List 

You can add "reminders" before due date and then you will get notified even when the program is not opened

answered Mar 29, 2012 by oliversk (14,600 points)