Does Windows 8 support 3G, 4G, etc ..

How is this implemented in Windows Networking system??
asked Mar 25, 2012 in Networking by bwben (2,230 points)
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3 Answers

New Networking feature of the Windows 8 has the Mobile Broadband inclusion.It has the multi connectivity option,which offers multi connectivity features ,3G,4G along with Wi-Fi.This platform is developed in compatible with various mobile devices.
answered Mar 25, 2012 by trianguluminum (2,790 points)
Windows 8 is advanced in broadband networking, which provides multifunction of 3G data application and 4G. You will have access to account management and a different partition for intelligent networking that allows you to select the network application, which works for you.
answered Mar 30, 2012 by aquanit (460 points)

Yes, Windows 8 will be able to auto detect what kind of SIM you have either 3G or 4G .. also support for 4G right from the start 

Here's a good article about it

answered Mar 30, 2012 by oliversk (14,600 points)