Can't get java to work for pogo games

I am trying to get the proper download to play the games on pogo, but seem to be having problems.  When I download from site, and go back to play, it pops up that I need to download the java , and I keep going in circles, Can not find the fix to my problem.  Can anyone help me???
asked Nov 7, 2012 in Downloads by Battlep43 (150 points)

1 Answer

I don't know Pogo - but it seems to me that you should try to install more Java versions

Install the latest Java 6 update and Java 7

If Pogo already uses Java 7 you will need it

If Pogo still uses Java 6 then the last update should be properly installed

It's best to install both - I also had some problems with Java but since you can install multiple versions I simply installed all of the latest updates (make sure to get the latest ONLY because others might have security flaws)
answered Dec 23, 2012 by oliversk (14,600 points)
edited Dec 23, 2012 by oliversk