Frequently facing problems with Windows Driver for Windows 8.Waiting for some solutions here.Thanks.

asked Mar 25, 2012 in Drivers by mrmorph (2,460 points)

2 Answers

Nothing to be worried here.Keep waiting.As its new OS,so it may take a bit time to release update.Make sure that your automatic Windows update status in turned on.Keep upto date with all drivers update. Then you'll find your problems solved.Best of luck.
answered Mar 25, 2012 by bwben (2,230 points)
Drivers for Windows 8 hardly appeared, but there are definitely less problems than in Windows 7. The only way of solving problems for Windows 8 drivers is to run these in compatibility mode, by downloading drivers for Windows 7 or Vista.
answered Mar 27, 2012 by irishgob (1,880 points)